Welcome to Winkley Homes

Winkley Homes does not believe in building a large volume of repetitive “cookie cutter” homes every year but instead has chosen to build a select number of unique homes possessing as much character as the homeowner themselves. Each and every home is built for longevity and integrated with innovative features, well-designed functional floor plans, and superior materials to stand the test of time.

Winkley Homes is dedicated to making a difference through a rewarding, hassle free home ownership experience. Whether you are purchasing a home in a neighborhood handpicked by Colin or considering a custom home you can expect unrivaled, customer service as well as an extensive warranty that goes beyond the exchange of keys. Recognized as an active member in the Better Business Bureau and the Tulsa Home Builder’s Association, Colin maintains a continuous presence at the building site to ensure every residence that bears the signature of Winkley Homes meets his exacting standards.

Building a home may be one of the biggest financial decisions you will ever make. Shouldn’t it be the least complicated? Winkley Homes will make a difference in the entire process affording you peace of mind along with the most gratifying home ownership experience. Contact us today and let your dream become a reality.